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My husband and I began the process of dreaming of our ideal kitchen shortly after buying our current home nearly 15 years ago.   While we have always considered ourselves to be quite autonomous and handy in the home renovation department and had DIYed everything in our two prior homes, we knew we had a bigger challenge at hand and focused on raising our children and “making do” for more than a decade.   My husband had found Revival Interiors website a few years back as we considered the installation of an IKEA kitchen.  He noticed that John Johnson – owner of Revival Interiors – specialized in the installation and finishing touches of making an IKEA kitchen not only feasible but actually preferable than a traditional wood cabinet style from both expense and modern appeal.


Following a series of ridiculously overpriced quotes on window replacement to the majority of our home’s 1969 original windows, we passed on the windows and instead contacted John last fall.   We figured we might as well discuss remodeling options as we truly felt that we needed to invest in replacing the existing kitchen at the same time realizing the project was perhaps more expansive than we had originally anticipated as we weren’t truly happy with the first floor layout.


John made arrangements to meet and I got the sense of his reassuring character off the bat- while an imposing 6’3” semi-professional wrestler physique could be construed as somewhat intimidating, John is a teddy bear with both creative suggestions and years of family experience in remodeling and kitchen installs – a true all-in-the-family approach.   His mother designed a program for remodeling kitchens many years ago that John uses today and offered to build up a 3-D quote for a mere $300 commitment (applicable to the install if contract is agreed to) in addition to his free proposal a short time following the initial meeting. We liked what he had to say and agreed to proceed with an initial commitment to see what our “new” kitchen would look like!

We loved the first blush of what we saw, made some minor modifications and decided to get our remodel on RI’s schedule for the winter.


We agreed to start the project on January 5th allowing us time to clean house and to enjoy the holidays before turning our lives upside down.   John is an excellent listener and a “yes” man – two rare qualities that a novice home remodeler really appreciates!  Never once did he suggest that any of our ideas was impossible in fact he was continuously open to suggestion and offered his own in response throughout the entire process and gave us some truly unique design features that we might never have imagined possible on our own.

Demolition began as scheduled as well as did the arrival of our IKEA kitchen cabinets that John planned and shopped for with us a month prior.   In the meanwhile, my husband and I had been busy selecting flooring and purchasing a few windows and doors that John and his crew would be installing as part of the total project (which incidentally grew as the project went on).   It was easy to work with John, his main support crew Big Ben and the other Ben, as well as all his contractor subs for HVAC, electrical, drywall, painting, etc…..everyone was professional and hard-working and we also felt as if we were the only project they had.   John responded promptly to texts and phone calls day, night and weekends!  The way he is able to juggle all the hands-on work he takes on as well as serving as the General Contractor is nothing short of amazing.


We had anticipated a 3-month project and planned accordingly, setting up a makeshift kitchen in the basement.   Preparation was key and made the entire duration very manageable and easy to work around for our 5-person family including the two dogs who are acclimated to free reign of the first floor – turns out the “Bens” and several subs are dog whisperers and I honestly think the dogs are in mourning that they are no longer a part of the household!  While the ultimate end date landed somewhere in May, we were back in our functioning and fabulous kitchen as promised by end of March.   Any and all delays had to do with the materials we had selected (counters, tiles, etc.) not being available for the crew to install as they had planned the time to do.   The entire project encompassed 90% of the main floor being gutted to studs and sub floor as well as an unplanned replacement of the shower surround in the upstairs main bath and multiple other unanticipated situations that John & crew handled with ease and a smile!

Along with the dogs, we miss the fun banter and amazing daily transformations of the Revival Interiors crew yet are still dumbfounded at how different our home is and how much more conducive the home layout is to our communal family lifestyle with friends coming and going and cooking at the heart of the home.   All of our friends and family who knew our before house stand in awe at every aspect of materials chosen, quality of workmanship and complete ingenuity of design and maximization of space – I felt as though I had an architect and interior designer on board for free thanks to John!


I cannot thank John and his crew enough for his overall expertise and willingness to work with us at every turn and for making our dream a reality in short order!


Staci & Eric Caille | Minnetonka, MN

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